Shape of our liturgy

Episcopalians worship in a way that combines the liturgical tradition of the Church with scripture based teaching and preaching. Thus, Episcopalians consider themselves to be Christians who are members of a Church that is both catholic and reformed.

The worship of the Episcopal Church is liturgical in nature, and makes use of approved resources, namely:

1979 Book of Common Prayer | The Hymnal 1982

As a parish, we utilize the traditional language of Rite I throughout the year. For those who are new to our worship or would like a preview of a typical Sunday service, below are copies of our service booklets for each season:

Advent and Lent – Seasons leading up to Christmas and Easter

Christmas, Easter, and Ordinary Time (Fall) – Weeks following Christmas, Easter, as well as the Fall

Ordinary Time (Summer) – For use between Pentecost and the Fall Parish Picnic

HolyBaptism HolyConfirmation HolyEucharist Penance

HolyMatrimony Holy Orders HolyUnction