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Concerning the Daily Office

The Daily Office Lectionary is arranged in a two-year cycle. Year One begins on the First Sunday of Advent preceding odd-numbered years, and Year Two begins on the First Sunday of Advent preceding even-numbered years.

Three Readings are provided for each Sunday and weekday in each of the two years.  Two of the Readings may be used in the morning and one in the evening; or, if the Office is read only once in the day, all three Readings may be used.  When the Office is read twice in the day, it is suggested that the Gospel Reading be used in the evening in Year One, and in the morning in Year Two.

When more than one Reading is used at an Office, the first is always from the Old Testament (or the Apocrypha).

When a Major Feast interrupts the sequence of Readings, they may be re-ordered by lengthening, combining, or omitting some of them, to secure continuity or avoid repetition.

In this Lectionary the Psalms are generally arranged in a seven-week pattern which recurs throughout the year, except for  variations in Christmas, Lent, and Easter Seasons.

– Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer, page 934.


Concerning the Eucharistic Lectionary

The Lectionary for Sundays is arranged in a three-year cycle, in which Year A always begins on the First Sunday of Advent in years evenly divisible by three. (For example, 2013 divided by 3 is 671 with no remainder. Year A, therefore, begins on Advent Sunday of that year; Year B on Advent Sunday of 2014; and Year C on Advent Sunday of 2015.).

The Psalms and Lessons appointed for the Sundays and for other major Holy Days are intended for use at all public services on such days, except when the same congregation attends two or more services. Thus, the same Lessons are to be read at the principal morning service, whether the Liturgy of the Word takes the form given in the Holy Eucharist, or that of the Daily Office.

– Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer, page 888.

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