Daily Prayer

The Daily Office

Daily prayer is an integral part of the life in Christ, and in the Anglican tradition, we have use of the historic services of Morning and Evening Prayer known as the Daily Office. In addition to these, the church has long marked the course of the day by prayers offered at midday and at night before the close of the day, in the Offices of Noonday and Compline.

For those interested in praying the full offices, with the appointed Psalms and Lessons of the day included, we commend the use of the St. Bede’s Breviary resource (linked below). Simply select the desired service and click “Pray the Office” and the liturgy according to the Prayer Book will be generated in line with the general preferences used at Trinity.

St. Bede’s Full Offices

Additionally, if you prefer, you can links to the Prayer Book Offices as printed in their various forms here:

Morning Prayer | Noonday | Evening Prayer | Compline

Daily Devotions for Families and Individuals

In addition to the full Offices, the 1979 Book of Common Prayer sought to provide a shorter set of liturgies to coincide with the same four times of daily prayer. According to the Prayer Book,

These devotions are designed for use by individuals or families. They are based upon the Daily Offices, more commonly known as Morning, Noonday, and Evening Prayer as well as Compline. When prayed by more than one person, parts of the devotion may be shared among the group or one person may act as the leader while others participate in communal parts such as the Lord’s Prayer. Psalms may be read in unison or by alternating verses (leader and others, boys and girls, adults and children, etc.).

These Devotions/Offices can be found in their entirety here:

Daily Devotions

The Lectionary

When trying to navigate the appointed Psalms and Lessons to be used in the Daily Office or at Mass, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help with this, we have generated a calendar that lays them out for each day of the 2019 Calendar year. You can find the whole of the 2019 Calendar linked below and the monthly lectionary in the main menu (above) under “Worship”.

2019 Liturgical Calendar

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