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Trinity Church was formally organized as a mission on March 15, 1878.

The cornerstone of the current church building was laid in 1908.

The first service in the current church building was held on January 3, 1909.

The Parish Hall was dedicated on October 12, 1969.

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All baptized members of the Church have a ministry. In addition to these individual vocations, some are also called to serve within the leadership of the Church ministries and counsels alongside the clergy of the parish and the diocese.


Mrs. Tracy Adams – Rector’s Warden

Mr. Paul Coats – Parish Warden

Mr. David Campbell – Treasurer

Mrs. Kathy Lewis – Clerk

Mrs. Joyce Bruce

Mrs. Tami Cralley

Mrs. Mary Nelle Campbell

Mrs. Amy Newell

Dr. Goff Thompson

Mr. Don Welch

Synod Representatives

Mrs. Esther Schelosky – Delegate

Mr. Randy Winn – Alternate

Ministry Leaders

Mrs. Jo Williams – St. Anne’s Guild President

Mrs. Joyce Bruce – Altar Guild Director

Mrs. Sheila Sahni – Flowers and Gardens

Mr. Gary Wagner – Organist

Mrs. Linda Welch – Organist

Priest in Charge

Fr. Ben Hankinson