SURVEY: Easter Vigil Dinner

Each year, we celebrate the culmination of Lent and Holy Week with Easter and the Resurrection. It is the climax of our church year. It is the great feast at the end of our Lenten fast, and I firmly believe that we should enjoy a time of fellowship in addition to our glorious worship of the risen Lord. This type of celebration calls for something along the lines of a parish dinner.

Of course, we all know that Easter Sunday is a wonderful and busy time of family and friends, with traditions abounding for many, and lunch plans for most. Which is why I am proposing that we celebrate together following the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, where in addition to the first Mass of the Resurrection, we have the wonderful opportunity to welcome two new members into our parish family this year as we will celebrate two baptisms.

The proposal then is that we would move the time of the service up from our previous 7:30 pm to 5:30 pm and reschedule our March parish dinner to coincide with the Easter Vigil.

While I would very much like to see this happen, not only this year but for years to come, this is not something I would like to schedule without getting a sense of how most others feel about it.

To that end, I’ve put together a survey that will be up for the next few weeks. It is one question and an opportunity for everyone to be heard. You can also email Fr. Ben or contact a member of the Mission Leadership Team (Vestry).