Strategy and the decline of the mainline

Strategy and the decline of the mainline


In Genesis 12 God explains his missionary strategy to Abraham. God promises to make a great people out of Abraham and through this people he will bring all his children home. They are to live toward God and toward their neighbors in such a way that all the nations will see that they know who God is and the nations will come to Israel to enquire after God that they might also know and serve him.

The Father has not changed his strategy. He has sent his only begotten Son to bring this strategy to fulfillment and completion. For this he died and rose again and for this purpose he has given us his Spirit. To accomplish the purposes for which he has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light requires an insightful understanding of the impediments to mission that confront us; it requires also a willingness to forgo quick fixes, in favor of coordinated and persistent effort based on a more insightful and comprehensive diagnosis.

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