Novena for Revival and Evangelization

As previously mentioned, we will be embarking on a 9 day period of intense prayer for revival and evangelism. Between the Ascension and Pentecost, we will pray for a “disruptive outpouring of the Holy Spirit” on us, our parish and diocese, and those communities in which we live and serve.

To assist with this time of prayer as individuals and families, a Novena has been prepared (based on materials from

You may find a PDF adaptation here: Diocesan Novena


Diocesan Novena-page-001

Diocesan Novena-page-002Diocesan Novena-page-003Diocesan Novena-page-004Diocesan Novena-page-005Diocesan Novena-page-006Diocesan Novena-page-007Diocesan Novena-page-008