Vestry News

Parish Hall Roof: In the coming months, Trinity will be undertaking a roofing project on the Parish Hall. After considering different proposals, we have selected a bid and contractor and will be updating you on the impact in the coming weeks.

As the Vestry, we have decided to cover the costs of this project rather than undergo a capital campaign. That does not however preclude us from contributing to this project as individuals and families. At present, the estimate is in the ballpark of $45,000. If you feel moved to support this necessary work on our facility, please do so.

New Outreach Project: Over the years we have had residents from the United Methodist Children’s Home join us from time to time. The ministry of the UMCH is one which provides and cares for some of the most vulnerable in our society, children that have been abused and/or abandoned. We have decided to come alongside this ministry for the next four years as they seek to update the facilities of the UMCH. Over that time we will be contributing $1,000 each year towards the renovation of the rooms in which the children live.

Fr. Ben: For almost two years, I (Fr. Ben) have been ministering to and with Trinity. When I initially came here, it was for a term of three years as Priest in Charge of this congregation. At this month’s Vestry meeting, the proposal was made and passed to amend this relationship.

The Vestry has officially nominated Fr. Ben Hankinson to become Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. This nomination is being made public in advance of the election for the position of Rector at the next Vestry meeting on May 15, 2016. The effect of such election would be to transition the role of the priest from a finite term of three years to a permanent contract until such time as our shared ministry together is concluded.

I am excited for us to continue our ministry together here at Trinity. I look forward to the time ahead and pray that we will grow in the days to come into the fullness of what God has in store for us both as individuals and as a community.